Teleclass Archive

CWCA Teleclass Archive
OSHA Vaccine ETS w/Dustin Boss (1 Hour 17 Minutes)
IWCP 20 Year Anniversary Keynote w/Peter Shankman (59 Minutes)
Insiders Guide to PEO (1 Hour 5 Minutes)
NY Mod Changes coming 10-1-22 (30 Minutes)
OSHA and DOL Update 2021 w/Dustin Boss (1 Hour 9 Minutes)
Chris Burand Is it Worth it to be Professional AND Ethical? (1 Hour)
Employee Retention Credit - Help Your Clients (31 Minutes)
3 Proven Prospecting Processes to Build Your Book of Business w/Walt Goshert (1 Hour 18 Minutes)
Advisor Insights w/Shaun Irwin (1 Hour)
Advisor Insights w/Stephen Sedlak (58 Minutes)
Hiring Great Producers Part 2 (53 Minutes)
Hiring Great Producers (1 Hour 2 Minutes)
2021 OSHA Recordkeeping Compliance Update w/ Dustin Boss (1 Hour 2 Minutes)
Covid and the Premium Audit (57 Minutes)
Advisor Insights w/Chris Murray (1 Hour 2 Minutes)
Winning New Clients with Safety in a Post-COVID-19 World w/ Dustin Boss (55 Minutes)
Advisor Insights with Steve Munn (56 Minutes)
'No Fear' - Advisor Insights with Matt Mallory (57 Minutes)
'I just want to win!' - Advisor Insights with Trey Wood (55 Minutes)
COVID-19 & The Premium Audit (58 Minutes)
Tools For a Post COVID World (50 Minutes)
Fundamentals of Cyber Insurance (56 Minutes)
News from NCCI AIS and Looking Forward (55 Minutes)
OSHA Details Updated Enforcement Guidelines (50 Minutes)
Hiring Practices with Don Phin (59 Minutes)
E&O Coverage Challenges from COVID-19 w- Chris Burand (1 Hour 9 Minutes)

ControlIn Linkedin Webinar Series

This workshop will help you, the frustrated producer, take back control of YOUR prospecting process and Linkedin positioning.


COVID-19 Information Employers Need To Know (1 Hour 24 Minutes)
Writing More Business with OSHA Reporting (54 Minutes)
Testing for the Right-Fit Hire (45 Minutes)
40 - 40 for Sales - With Don Phin (1 Hour)
Using Safety, Injury Data and OSHA Compliance to Engage More Prospects-IWCP Prospects - With Dustin Boss (44 Minutes)
How to Streamline Your Application and Renewal Processes (36 Minutes)
Selling Comp in a Soft Market (49 Minutes)
Using the Institute Process to Review a Risk (35 Minutes)
Mod Combineability and Ownership Issues (44 Minutes)
miEdge Property & Casualty Platform With Brittany Bour (50 Minutes)
Takeaway's from NCCI's Annual Issues Symposium (1 Hour)
Three Dimensional Training - With Chris Burand (53 Minutes)
The Valuation Date Process (39 Minutes)
Premium Audit Fundamentals (1 Hour 5 Minutes)
How to Write More Comp with OSHA logs and Safety (49 Minutes)
Changes to How NCCI Handles Ownership Changes (55 Minutes)
Building a Self Managing Company (55 Minutes)
The New Factory Thinker - With Bill Bishop (1 Hour)
Perfect Prospecting Season - OSHA Recordkeeping and Workers' Comp (45 Minutes)
Tim Hurson - Creative Intelligence - Think Better to Do Better (54 Minutes)
Chris Burand - The Successful Agent of the Future (1 Hr 1 Min)
Essential Job Functions and Hiring (52 Minutes)
Don’t Let Your Competitors Beat You to The Punch with Your Clients (41 Minutes)
Experience Mod Fundamentals (58 Minutes)
Selling with Safety Program (51 Minutes)
Hiring Salespeople with Matt Neighbors of Omnia Group (34 Minutes)
Cancel/Rewrites and the Experience Mod (59 Minutes)
Why we make mistakes - With Don Phin (47 Minutes)
The Intersection of WorkComp, ADA, and FMLA with Don Phin (41 Minutes)
Subrogation and the Experience Mod (57 Minutes)
The Time is Now: New OSHA Electronic Reporting Rules (1 Hour 3 Minutes)
Nurse Triage - The Time is Now (52 Minutes)
How Kevin Reviews a Risk (35 Minutes)
The Prevailing wage with Nat Peniston of Fringe Benefits Group (27 Minutes)
Advisor Insights with Thea Curiel (43 Minutes)
Six Steps to a Better WC Program with Teresa Long Part 2 (31 Minutes)
Cyber Liability Exposed with Mike Costello (1 Hour 1 Minute)
Selling with Mod Analysis Software with Kevin Ring (32 Minutes)
Advisor Insights with Mark Kraemer (43 Minutes)
6 Steps to Minimize Your WorkComp Program with Teresa Long (32 Minutes)
OSHA Record Keeping The Ultimate Predictor of WorkComp Performance with Dustin Boss (36 Minutes)
Selling with the Experience Mod w/ Kevin Ring (36 Minutes)
California Mod Changes (33 Minutes)
Submissions w/ Pres Diamond (41 Minutes)
OSHALogs III w/ Dustin Boss (44 Minutes)
Reviewing a Risk w/ Kevin Ring (46 Minutes)
Insider Webinar Series: Inside the Mind of a Transportation Expert with Terry Milford (46 Minutes)
Classifying a Risk (46 Minutes)
Selling a Package of Services (41 Minutes)
Selling with Testimonals w/ Preston Diamond (36 Minutes)
Answers to the Most Commonly Asked WorkComp Questions PT 3 w/ Chris Boggs (39 Minutes)
  • -What is a premium aduit,why is it necessary,how are the employees/workers classed and what are the possible results?
  • -What should I do to prepare for and ensure the best possible audit process and outcome?
  • -What information do I need to prepare for the audit?
IWCP Insider Webinar Series:Wayne Sanders Hospitality Insider (1 Hour 2 Minutes)
OSHALogs II w/ Dustin Boss (56 Minutes)
Understanding the Mindset of Contractors w/ Dennis Dixon (48 Minutes)
OSHA Logs w/ Dustin Boss (45 Minutes)
Claims with Teresa Long (50 Minutes)
Answers to 12 Common Wokers' Comp Questions Part II (1 Hour 2 Minutes)
  • -What injuries are covered under workers' compensation?
  • -When is a sickness/disease covered under workers' compensation?
  • -What types of injuries are covered by the Employers' Liability section of the policy?
Answers to 12 Common Workers' Comp Questions Part I (1 Hour 8 Minutes)
  • -Who am I responsible for covering under my workers' compensation policy?
  • -Which states should be specifically listed as Primary states?
  • -Which states should specifically listed as secondary or "Other" states?
CA Experience Rating Change 2017 (42 Minutes)
Interview w/ Tim Hurson (57 Minutes)
Sell The SHIFT...And Improve Your Submit to Bind Ratio by Up To 25% with Charlie Anderson (53 Minutes)
Named Insured Who Should Be,Who Can Be, and Who Shouldn't Be--Chris Boggs (1 Hour 8 Minutes)
The Alternate Employer Endorsement--Chris Boggs (59 Minutes)
How To Improve Your Close Ratio--Charlie Anderson (44 Minutes)
The Four KEY Business Income Concepts - Chris Boggs (55 Minutes)
Following the Sales Playbook - Charlie Anderson (52 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Andrew Atkinson 4/21/15 (58 Minutes)
The Complexities of Wrap-Up Projects - Aaron Black 4/2/15 (58 Minutes)
Opportunity Calling - Charlie Anderson (1 Hour 16 Minutes)
Preparing for Your Sales Goals in the New Year - Charlie Anderson (49 Minutes)
Steps to Take When You Discover an Experience Mod Error (17 Minutes)
Breaking down the HR Silos w Don Phin (35 Minutes)
Marketing Your Agency - Your Website 6-17-2014 (1 Hour 13 Minutes)
Marketing Your Agency (52 Minutes)
Selling with Mod Analysis (26 Minutes)
Preparing for the Premium Audit (45 Minutes)
Webinar with the Author of Youtility, Jay Baer (45 Minutes)
Selling in the Summertime with Charlie Anderson (1 Hour)
NCCI Split Point Change - What is Changing? (49 Minutes)
Communicating the Split Point Change To Your Clients (37 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Curt Dumbleton on Networking that is Profitable (30 Min)
The Importance of the Employers' Liability Endorsement (55 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Mark Kraemer (28 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Blair Jones (32 Minutes)
Insuring Joint Ventures (47 Minutes)
PEO's and Applicable Endorsements
The Alternate Employer Endorsement (59 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - John Graham on Marketing Your Agency (51 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Dustin Boss on Combining Work Comp and Benefits (44 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Kevin Ring and Preston Diamond (45 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Judy Jacobs (48 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Bill Garrity (32 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Terry Milford on Working with Non-Profits (43 Minutes)
Prospecting with Webinars (1 Hour 4 Minutes)
Reviewing a Risk (46 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Curt Dumbleton on Building a Referral Network (42 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Jim Kerin (39 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Doug Esposito (35 Minutes)
Cold Calling is Dead - Charlie Anderson (1 Hour 18 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Randy Boss (38 Minutues)
Advisor Insights - Andrew Atkinson Pt 2 (1 Hour 5 Minutes)
Discussion about Ghost Policies (57 Minutes)
Combat Inbox Clutter - Bob Patterson
Advisor Insights - Matt Broderson (41 Minutes)
Cold Calling for Dummies (59 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Randall Gammill (48 Minutes)
Case Study of a Reserve Process (47 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Terry Milford (40 Minutes)
Combating More Stringent Reserving Policies - Teresa Long (38 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Steve Stramara (44 Minutes)
Lead Generation Using LinkedIN (1 Hour)
Overview of Wrap Ups with Aaron Black (49 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Bill Litjen (35 Minutes)
Dr. Peg Jackson - Enterprise Risk Management (1 Hour 2 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Sam Martin (28 Minutes)
Dr. Peg Jackson - Reputational Risk Management (1 Hour)
Jeremy Buchanan - Ted Turner's Risk Manager (44 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Carl Zeutzius (49 Minutes)
Advisor Insights - Renae Eidenshink (41 Minutes)
The Davis Bacon Act - How to Take Action with Your Clients (52 Minutes)
5606 - Executive Supervisor - with Jerry Fulmer, the Institute's Audit Expert (31 Minutes)
The Complications of Out of State Exposures
Building a Referral Network (24 Minutes)
Using Transitional Work to Get New Clients (55 Minutes)
Building Mutual Business Relationships with Your Clients
8810 - Clerical - with Jerry Fulmer, the Institute's Audit Expert (48 Minutes)
How to Urge Return Calls (49 Minutes)
USL&H and Workers' Comp, A Q&A with LIG Marine President Ian Greenway (43 Minutes)
Presenting to Win - Preston Diamond (45 Minutes)
Presenting to CPA's to Win Them Over (25 Minutes)
Interview with Steve Levinson & Pete Greider, Authors of Following Through (54 Minutes)