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      Kevin Ring

      From an advisor:

      A key construction account has a mid-term USLH project, with the USLH project payroll estimated at about $45,000.

      The WC is with a major leading WC Carrier in CA. This Carrier quoted the USLH telling us that the officers of the company must be included in the USL&H quote, even though the officers will have no activity, no presence at all at the project site or anywhere close to it.

      Additionally, this Carrier is requiring the officers to be included in the full USLH field rate, resulting in a quote (for the USL&H alone) of + $100,000.

      Not painful enough? This Carrier is also advising us that they require the USLH to be placed with only them, or they will impose a 10 day cancellation If the coverage is placed monoline elsewhere.

      Cannot make this up. Does anyone have ANY helpful advice to help me save this account?

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