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      The Comp Cafe is now open on MyAdvisorTools.com!

      The Comp Cafe is the place where you can ask questions of the CWCA Community.

      Posts are moderated, so you won't see yours show up immediately.

      Please ask your questions and reply to questions when you can help!

      Let us know if something isn't seeming right in any of the posts. As with anything that's new AND technology related, we are sure to have some bugs.

      Now, here's some marketing thoughts from Preston:

      You've earned the Certified WorkComp Advisor designation and many of you, the Master WorkComp Advisor Designation. How well are you marketing your exclusive expertise?

      Let's start with one simple place... your business card.

      1. Does it include your Process Name IE: CompVantage and tag line: IE: Crushing WorkComp overcharges?
      2. Not only do you have your CWCA and MWCA after your name, you include Master WorkComp Advisor in slightly smaller font and italics under your name. Make the initials understandable. Flaunt your expertise.
      3. Your Card also includes the Certified Seal. (You can download it from myadvisortools.com)

      The back side of your card is your least expensive and most consistent place to "advertise." Some examples:

      a. Articles/books published
      b. Success story or stories
      c. Overcharge or another subject
      d. Description of a downloadable resource from your website

      Do you really need your address on the front of your card? Think hard about removing it.

      Definitely delete your cell number. Do you want to be a salesperson giving 24 hour service or a service person? For special people write it on the front. You'll make them feel exclusive.

      Be discriminating for whom you etch your number.

      We'd be happy to help...run your ideas by any one of us...

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