ClaimsIMPACT™ Reports

Efficient injury management gives you a unique competitive advantage. Designed from the ground up by the Institute of WorkComp Professionals and field tested by Certified WorkComp Advisors, ClaimsIMPACT™ is a comprehensive, feature-rich claims management tool. Affordable and easy to use, it helps you:
--streamline operations by tracking and measuring the components of an employee injury.
--save time! You simply import data from your agency management system or insurance carriers.
--quickly spot problem claims and track projected and actual disability duration.
--close claims faster and view the progress of the claim from opening to closing.
--analyze claims and identify troublesome areas.
--make compelling presentations to employers easily demonstrating and their claims history in text or graphic form.
--helps you manage your clients’ employee injuries and put performance into promises.

ClaimsIMPACT™ Reports (For more information on ClaimsIMPACT™, contact
  • Sample Claims Report Download
  • Sample Claims Report Download