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The WorkComp Perfect Storm - David Leng, Duncan Insurance, PA

Pre-qualifying Your Business Can be Money in the Bank - David Leng and Michael Lukart

How to Help Clients Make Workers' Comp Employee Friendly

Changes Coming to How California Addresses Workplace Injuries?

Spanish Post-Offer Pre-Placement Medical Questionairre

Safety Plan Review Checklist

Safety Plan IIP Checklist

Loss Trend Review Checklist

Loss Trend Checklist

Early Return to Work Checklist

Claims Review Checklist

Claims Management Review Checklist

Back on the Job Manual

Witness Statement Form

Accident Investigation Form

North Carolina FMLA/WorkComp Law Summary

FMLA Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities

FMLA Designation Notice

Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition (FMLA)

What to do when OSHA Knocks

List of Business Types that Are Not Required to Post OSHA 300A Forms

OSHA 300 Form

Declaration of No Injury

HIPAA and Workers' Comp - A Report from the Office of Civil Rights

"Actively at Work" Map

Medical Clinic Evaluation Form

Infographic: Remembering Workers - Workers Memorial Day 2014

Request for WC Medical Information

Claims Red Flag Check List

Post-Premium Audit Process Map

Pre-Premium Audit Process Map

Carrier Premium Audit Process Map

10 Commandments for an Insurance Audit

Questions to Help You Prepare for the Audit

Audit Prep How-To Package

Excluded Remuneration

Small Deductible Program List

Steps to Take When You Find an Experience Mod Error

Mod Validation Checklist

Experience Rating Period Rule

Experience Mod Recap Report

Expenses Excluded from Experience Mod

Unit Stat Review Checklist

Mod Trend Checklist

Mod Forecast Checklist