Chris Burand - The Successful Agent of the Future (1hr 1min)

Essential Job Functions, Hiring and Health, with Robert Michener (52 Minutes)

Don’t let your competitors beat you to the punch: Compliance Updates, with Dustin Boss (41 Minutes)

Experience Mod Fundamentals (58 Minutes)

Selling with Safety Program: OSHALogs, with Dustin Boss (51 Minutes)

Hiring Salespeople with Matt Neighbors of Omnia Group (34 Minutes)

Cancel/Rewrites and the Experience Mod (59 Minutes)

Why we make mistakes - With Don Phin (47 Minutes)

The Intersection of WorkComp, ADA, and FMLA with Don Phin (41 Minutes)

Subrogation and the Experience Mod, with Kevin Ring (57 Minutes)

The Time is Now - New OSHA Electronic Reporting Rules, Dustin Boss (1 Hour 3 Minutes)

Nurse Triage 24, with Bonnie Norcome, Senior Director of NT 24 and Teresa Long Injury Management Director at IWCP (52 Minutes)

How Kevin Reviews a Risk (35 Minutes)

The Prevailing wage, with Nat Peniston of Fringe Benefits Group (27 Minutes)

Advisor Insights with Thea Curiel, Owen-Dunn Insurance (43 Minutes) (Agency Culture Supporting Happy Workers, Seminars, Networking, Fees, Getting and Keeping Clients)

Six Steps to Minimize Your WorkComp Program with Teresa Long, Part 2 (31 Minutes)

Cyber Liability Exposed with Mike Costello (1 Hour 1 Minute)

Selling with Mod Analysis Software, with Kevin Ring (33 Minutes)

When an Employee Gets Injured Everyone Gets Hurt


Advisor Insights: Mark Kraemer (50 Minutes)

Six Steps to Minimize Your WorkComp Program with Teresa Long, Part 1 (32 Minutes)

OSHA Recordkeeping (36 Minutes)

The Valuation Date Process (49 Minutes)

Answers Part III (39 Minutes)

Presenting to CPA's to Win Them Over (25 Minutes)

Working to Reduce Reserves with Stacey Cheese (38 Minutes)

USL&H and Workers' Comp: Q&A with Ian Greenway, President of LIG Marine (43 Minutes)

Presenting to Win, with Preston Diamond (45 Minutes)

Using Transitional Work to Get New Clients, with Teresa Long (55 Minutes)

The Davis Bacon Act: How to Take Action with Your Clients, with Adam Bromsky, VP Fringe Benefit Group (52 Minutes)

Jeremy Buchanan -- Ted Turner's Risk Manager (44 Minutes)

Enterprise Risk Management, with Dr. Peg Jackson (1 Hour 2 Minutes)

Importance of the Employers' Liability Endorsement and Nuances of Coverage, with Chris Boggs (55 Minutes)

Understanding the Mind of a Contractor, with Dennis Dixon (48 Minutes)

Lead Generation Using LinkedIN (1 Hour)

Overview of Wrap Ups, with Aaron Black (49 Minutes)

Prospecting with Webinars (1 Hour 4 Minutes)

Communicating the Split Point Change to Your Clients (37 Minutes)

Preparing for Your Sales Goals in the New Year (49 Minutes)

Insuring Joint Ventures, with Chris Boggs (47 Minutes)

Advisor Insights -- Terry Milford on Working with Non-Profits (43 Minutes)

Advisor Insights with Terry Milford (40 Minutes)

Advisor Insights: Chris Evans Building a Referral Network (24 Minutes)

Case Study of a Reserve Process, Part 1, with Teresa Long (47 Minutes)

Claims with Teresa Long (50 Minutes)

Advisor Insights: Matt Mallory, Cold Calling for Dummies (59 Minutes)

Cold Calling is Dead with Charlie Anderson (1 Hour 18 Minutes)

Combating More Stringent Reserving Policies with Teresa Long (38 Minutes)

Discussion about Ghost Policies, with Chris Boggs & Jerry Fisher (57 Minutes)

Reputational Risk Management, with Dr. Peg Jackson (1 Hour)