Premium Audit Fundamentals (1 Hour 9 Minutes)

OSHA Vaccine ETS w/Dustin Boss (1 Hour 17 Minutes)

2021 IWCP Keynote w/Peter Shankman

Insiders Guide To PEO (1 Hour 5 Minutes)

NY Mod Changes coming 10-1-22 (30 Minutes)

OSHA and DOL Update 2021 w/Dustin Boss (1 Hour 9 Minutes)

3 Proven Prospecting Processes to Build Your Book of Business w/Walt Goshert (1 Hour 18 Minutes)

Advisor Insights w/Shaun Irwin

Advisor Insights w/Stephen Sedlak (58 Minutes)

Hiring Great Producers Part 2 (53 Minutes)

Hiring Great Producers Part 1 (1 Hour)

Covid and the Premium Audit (57 Minutes)

Advisor Insight w/Chris Murray (1 Hour 2 Minutes)

Winning New Clients with Safety in a Post-COVID-19 World w/ Dustin Boss (55 Minutes)

Advisor Insights w/ Steve Munn (56 Minutes)

"No Fear" Advisor Insights w/Matt Mallory (57 Minutes)

'I just want to win!' - Advisor Insights with Trey Wood (55 Minutes)

Tools For A Post COVID World (50 Minutes)

COVID-19 & the Premium Audit (58 Minutes)

Fundamentals of Cyber Insurance (56 Minutes)

News from NCCI AIS and Looking Forward (55 Minutes)

OSHA Details Updated Enforcement Guidelines (50 Minutes)

E&O Coverage Challenges from COVID-19 w- Chris Burand (1 Hour 9 Minutes)

Controlln Linkedin Session 3: LinkedIn Profile (1 Hour 22 Minutes)

Controlln Linkedin Session 2: Build (1 Hour 13 Minutes)

Controlln Linkedin Session 1 (1 Hour 6 Minutes)

Writing More Business with OSHA Reporting (54 Minutes)

Testing for the Right-Fit Hire (45 Minutes)

Using Safety, Injury Data and OSHA Compliance to Engage More Prospects - With Dustin Boss (44 Minutes)

How to Streamline Your Application and Renewal Processes (36 Minutes)

Selling Comp in a Soft Market - Being a WorkForce Defender (49 Minutes)

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked WorkComp Questions PT 2 w/ Chris Boggs (62 Minutes)

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked WorkComp Questions PT 1 w/ Chris Boggs (68 Minutes)

Advisor Insights - Andrew Atkinson 4/21/15 (58 Minutes)

The Complications of Out of State Exposures, with Chris Boggs (59 Minutes)

PEO's and Applicable Endorsements, with Chris Boggs (48 Minutes)

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked WorkComp Questions PT 3 w/ Chris Boggs (39 Minutes)

Following Through: An Interview with Authors, Steve Levinson & Pete Grieder (54 Minutes)

Combat Inbox Clutter - Bob Patterson (48 Minutes)

OSHA Record Keeping The Ultimate Predictor of WorkComp Performance with Dustin Boss (36 Minutes)

Building Mutual Business Relationships with Your Clients

Presenting to CPA's to Win Them Over (25 Minutes)

Using the Institute Process to Review a Risk (35 Minutes)

miEdge Property & Casualty Platform With Brittany Bour (50 Minutes)

Takeaway's from NCCI's Annual Issues Symposium (1 Hour)

Three Dimensional Training - With Chris Burand (53 Minutes)

The Valuation Date Process, with Kevin Ring (39 Minutes)

Premium Audit Fundamentals, with Kevin Ring (1 Hour 5 Minutes)

How to Write More Comp with OSHA logs and safety, with Dustin Boss (49 Min)

Changes to How NCCI Handles Ownership Changes (55 Minutes)