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We are hearing from more and more Advisors that it is more difficult to get employers attention when talking about workers' compensation. Rates are down year after year and business is almost universally good, placing workers' comp costs seemingly on the back burner. What employers ARE concerned about is getting and keeping great employees. Unemployment is at near historical lows in most parts of the country and "we can't get good people" is a common refrain. What can you offer to help your clients tackle these challenges? The Institute process has the answers. The Institute hosted a webinar on this topic, which you can find on that outlines the entire process. Recap: **Hire employees who are physically and mentally able to perform the job they are being hired to do. A staple of the Institute process since we started in 2001, implementing the Conditional offer of Employment and Post-Offer/Pre-Placement Medical Questionnaire will ensure employers are hiring people who are capable of doing the work. When you hire someone who is not capable of doing the job, it's not a question of if, but rather a question of when they are going to suffer an injury. Employers are less able to bear the burden of employees losing time today than at any time in the recent past. Find all the tools you need to help employers implement the hiring process on **Onboard new employees and train current employees in how workers' compensation works. The vast majority of employees who suffer an injury at work this year will find themselves inside the workers' comp system for the first time ever. It is not unusual for them to feel unsettled, nervous or scared. "What am I going to have to pay?" "How am I going to feed my family?" and more fill their mind. When you train employees how the workers' comp process works in a business, you can answer these questions before they ever have the opportunity to suffer an injury. You can find more about this on-boarding process on **Build a Recovery at Work Program When an employee DOES suffer an injury at work, getting them back into the workplace immediately helps to ensure they return to their full duty job when they heal up. Every day an injured employee is away from work is a day they are less likely to ever return. Injured employees sitting at home on the couch are bombarded by attorney ads and those ads work very hard to convince the injured employee that the employer and insurance company don't have their best interests at heart and that attorney can get them the MONEY they are earned. Combat this by helping your clients build an effective Recovery at Work Program. Guess what, you have the resources to help with this, too! Check out the R@W resources and more on the Injury Management page of As always, when you have questions, call us at 828-274-0959, email or schedule a time to chat at

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