Answers to the Most Commonly Asked WorkComp Questions PT 2 w/ Chris Boggs (62 Minutes)

ACOEM Occupational Doc Search

Medical Disabilities Guidelines

Official Disability Guidelines (ODG)

Job Descriptions (O*NET)

Federal Drug-Free Workplace Resources

NCCI Research on the Aging Workforce and Workers Comp

Comorbidities in Workers Compensation

NCCI Study Examines Relationship Between Accident Report Lag and Claim Cost

ClaimsIMPACT™ Sample Reports

ClaimsIMPACT™ Assessment Tool

ClaimsIMPACT™ Reports

How Electronics are Creating Intexticated Workers

Accidents Will Happen: What it Will Cost Your Company

When an Employee is Injured

Benefits of Recovery-at-Work Program, Vs2

Benefits of Recovery-at-Work Program, Vs1

ClaimsIMPACT™ Strategies Map

Compensation Benefits Map

Workers’ Comp Lost Time Claim Map

Worker’s Comp Injury Process Map

What Employers Need to Know about the Recovery of Injured Workers

The Costly Dangers of Not Getting Injured Employees Back to Work Quickly

When Pain Keeps Injured Workers From Going Back to Work

The Startling Truth About Workers' Compensation and Declines in Claim Frequency

Seven Ways Supervisors Can Throw a Business Under the Bus and Not Even Know It

The Role of the Family Practitioner in Injury Management

Obesity's Link to Diabetes in the Workplace Puts a Heavy Burden on Employers

How to Keep Occupational Diseases from Impacting Your Workers' Compensation Costs

How to Avoid Missing Out on Workers' Compensation Savings

Six Actions Employers Can Take to Control Runaway Workers' Compensation Medical Costs

Ten Costly Return to Work Mistakes

In Workers' Compensation Cases, Subrogation May Be a Solution

When it comes to using PPE in the workplace, the “eyes” have it

Protecting Your Employees from Injury Can Often Be Child's Play

Just What the Doctor Ordered: Workers' Comp Prescription Drug Costs, and What You Can Do About It

Are You Making Workers' Comp "Employee Friendly"? - Published in Tire Business

White Paper - The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

White Paper - Economic Cost of Obesity for Employers

Survey - Occupational Safety and Health Culture Survey

Chairside - The Ugly Truth about On the Job Injuries

Chairside - WC Information for Supervisors

Subrogation and the Experience Mod, with Kevin Ring (57 Minutes)

Nurse Triage 24, with Bonnie Norcome, Senior Director of NT 24 and Teresa Long Injury Management Director at IWCP (52 Minutes)

Six Steps to Minimize Your WorkComp Program with Teresa Long, Part 2 (31 Minutes)

Six Steps to Minimize Your WorkComp Program with Teresa Long, Part 1 (32 Minutes)

Using Transitional Work to Get New Clients, with Teresa Long (55 Minutes)

Case Study of a Reserve Process, Part 1, with Teresa Long (47 Minutes)

Claims with Teresa Long (50 Minutes)

Combating More Stringent Reserving Policies with Teresa Long (38 Minutes)