Medical Disabilities Guidelines

Official Disability Guidelines (ODG)

Job Descriptions (O*NET)

What you don't know CAN hurt you - The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

Essential Job Functions, Hiring and Health, with Robert Michener (52 Minutes)

Prequalifying Your Business Can be Money in the Bank - David Leng and Michael Lukart

Post-Offer, Pre-Placement Medical Questionnaire

Spanish Post-Offer Pre-Placement Medical Questionnaire

Hiring Salespeople with Matt Neighbors of Omnia Group (34 Minutes)

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You - The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

How Our Company's Workers' Compensation Insurance Works for You - A Document Explaining the Process

Conditional Offer of Employment Form

The Intersection of WorkComp, ADA, and FMLA with Don Phin (41 Minutes)

Breaking down the HR Silos w Don Phin (35 Minutes)