Using Safety, Injury Data and OSHA Compliance to Engage More Prospects - With Dustin Boss (44 Minutes)

Acknowledgement of Refusal of Coverage

How to Streamline Your Application and Renewal Processes (36 Minutes)

Selling Comp in a Soft Market - Being a WorkForce Defender (49 Minutes)

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked WorkComp Questions PT 2 w/ Chris Boggs (62 Minutes)

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked WorkComp Questions PT 1 w/ Chris Boggs (68 Minutes)

Powered Industrial Truck Training

Lockout/Tagout Manual

Model Plans and Programs for Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communication

List of State DOI's and Rating Bureaus

ACOEM Occupational Doc Search

OSHA's Sample Safety Plans

Your USL&H Questions Answered

Medical Disabilities Guidelines

Official Disability Guidelines (ODG)

Job Descriptions (O*NET)

Davis Bacon Wages by State

Fringe Benefit Group - Davis Bacon Help

LIG Marine Managers - USL&H Coverage

Federal Drug-Free Workplace Resources

Extraterritorial reciprocity information for all 50 states

NCCI Research on the Aging Workforce and Workers Comp

Comorbidities in Workers Compensation

NCCI Study Examines Relationship Between Accident Report Lag and Claim Cost

Advisor Insights - Andrew Atkinson 4/21/15 (58 Minutes)

The Complications of Out of State Exposures, with Chris Boggs (59 Minutes)

PEO's and Applicable Endorsements, with Chris Boggs (48 Minutes)

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked WorkComp Questions PT 3 w/ Chris Boggs (39 Minutes)

Following Through: An Interview with Authors, Steve Levinson & Pete Grieder (54 Minutes)

Combat Inbox Clutter - Bob Patterson (48 Minutes)

OSHA Record Keeping The Ultimate Predictor of WorkComp Performance with Dustin Boss (36 Minutes)

Building Mutual Business Relationships with Your Clients

Presenting to CPA's to Win Them Over (25 Minutes)

ClaimsIMPACT™ Sample Reports

ClaimsIMPACT™ Assessment Tool

ClaimsIMPACT™ Reports

Modimpact Reports

ModIMPACT™ Reports Make the Sale

Service Calendar, Vs 3

Service Calendar, Vs 2

Service Calendar, Vs 1

Marketing Calendar

What you don't know CAN hurt you - The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

A 14 Point Workers' Comp Annual Checkup that Can Protect You Against WorkComp Claims

Quoting and Bidding is Dangerous

California Mods

USL&H: The “Go-to-Jail-if-You-Don’t-Carry-It” Insurance

Do You Sell Policies or Processes?

Effective Workers’ Comp Cost Control

Using the Institute Process to Review a Risk (35 Minutes)