Don’t let your competitors beat you to the punch (41 Minutes)

Experience Mod Fundamentals (58 Minutes)

Retro Review Checklist

Insurer Comparisons Checklist

Dividend Plan Review Checklist

Casino v. Isenhour Iowa Jones Act Decision

Order CWCA Shirts

Year End Review Checklist

Service Performance Proposal Checklist

Confidentiality Agreement

Consulting/Fee Agreement

Performance Promise

Presentation to CPA's (Courtesy of Cliff Miller)

Premium Audit Seminar Presentation

Non-ERA States

ERA States

Presentation to CPA Groups

Presentation to Insurance Companies

Presentation to Employee Groups

PEO Contract Excerpts

PEO White Paper

Split Point Change White Paper

20 Workers' Comp Problems Bidding and Quoting Can't Solve

WorkComp Service Calendar

WorkComp's 7 Secrets - You're Paying Too Much for Workers' Comp

Institute Process Map

Prequalifying Your Business Can be Money in the Bank

Prequalifying Your Business Can be Money in the Bank - David Leng and Michael Lukart

The WorkComp Perfect Storm - David Leng, Duncan Insurance, PA

Post-Offer, Pre-Placement Medical Questionnaire

Spanish Post-Offer Pre-Placement Medical Questionnaire

Selling with Safety Program (51 Minutes)

Hiring Salespeople with Matt Neighbors of Omnia Group (34 Minutes)

Cancel/Rewrites and the Experience Mod (59 Minutes)

Why we make mistakes - With Don Phin (47 Minutes)

The Time is Now - New OSHA Electronic Reporting Rules (1 Hour 3 Minutes)

Nurse Triage - The Time is Now (52 Minutes)

How Kevin Reviews a Risk (35 Minutes)

The Prevailing wage with Nat Peniston of Fringe Benefits Group (27 Minutes)

Advisor Insights with Thea Curiel (43 Minutes)

Six Steps to a Better WC Program with Teresa Long Part 2 (31 Minutes)

Cyber Liability Exposed with Mike Costello (1 Hour 1 Minute)

Selling with Mod Analysis Software (33 Minutes)

When an Employee Gets Injured Everyone Gets Hurt


Advisor Insights with Mark Kraemer (50 Minutes)

6 Steps to Minimize Your WorkComp Program with Teresa Long (32 Minutes)

OSHA Recordkeeping (36 Minutes)

The Valuation Date Process (49 Minutes)

Answers Part III (39 Minutes)

Presenting to CPA's to Win Them Over (25 Minutes)